We all have heard that pets are beneficial to ones health. I couldn’t live without my best buddy Diesel. He’s the cutest little French Bull Terrier on the planet! Pets can encourage us to exercise more, to spend time outside and to interact socially with others. It has been found that owning a pet can even help to lower blood pressure, heart rate and heart disease risk. Often a pet owner will engage in more activity from the walks, and the playfulness — come on, who hasn’t rolled around on the floor playing with ones absolute best friend, be it a canine or a feline?)

Speaking of friend, a pet can provide enormous comfort and stress relief. And, the needs of a pet are fairly minimal.. All they require is too be loved, fed and sleep comfortably wherever they want! So, we have established that having a pet is definitely healthy for our soul, but, can I have a canine and/or a feline and a clean living space? The answer is yes! I have discovered that without a whole lot of hard work and additional hours cleaning up one can. It will take a few modifications, but with these in place, one can have the best of both worlds! A clean house and a beloved pet companion. The following are some highly recommended helpful tools for achieving a clean house and owning a pet.

1. Purchase inexpensive area rugs that are designed for indoor-outdoor use. There are many attractive designs to choose from. Place these rugs in all the places where the pet likes to snooze. Nothing will soak in and they can be washed fairly easily.

2. Use dark paint on the lower cabinet in the kitchen. This will hide the smears from the wet noses and muddy tails that occasionally hit them. Shoot for indoor-outdoor paint as it is easy to wipe down.

3. Invest in pet place mats. Never feed your special buddy anywhere other than on the designated placemat. I usually try to find vinyl so that it is easy to wipe down.

4. Buy a box of latex gloves. These are miracle hair catchers! Put a pair on and rub your hands over the sofa, chair or any surface where dog/cat hair has accumulated, then notice the hair that is sticking to the gloves. With the gloves still on, run your gloved hands under the water and observe all the fur that comes off.

5. Invest in some foamy shaving cream. Very inexpensive and it really works for the numerous stains associated to having pets; such as, vomit, pee or any stain. Spray directly onto the stain, let it foam up and sit for several minutes then wipe with warm water. This works!

6. Buy cheap throws. Buy several! Place these in the areas where your pet is likely to rest. Make sure they are machine washable. And, don’t forget to wash these on a regular basis.

7. Keep your buddy groomed. Hair needs to be brushed daily. Very few of us really brush our animals hair enough and that results in hair all over the house. Again, groom regularly and do invest in a pet friendly vacuum. Well worth the money spent.

There are so many useful tools and recommendations out there but, these are some of my favorites. Pets are definitely a wonderful addition to a home and with these helpful tips, owning an animal best friend is more comfortable.