Let me first establish myself: I am a clean freak! I need the place where I live to be sparkling clean and I want to breathe in clean, healthy air as often as possible. I am adamant about the need to keep your HVAC filters clean. My research has provided me with some definite advantages in having a clean air filter and I am going to share them with you.

Changing your air filters every one to three months will keep your furnace alive longer and allow it to perform better. By changing the filter on a regular basis it saves you a considerable amount of money. In addition, a clean filter makes it less expensive to run the system. When filters are dirty, the system has to work harder to circulate the air. Not good!

If the filter is dirty, then the air you breathe will be dirty. Air filters are designed to filter out the microscopic particles like dust, pollen, pet hair, plant and mold spores and even smoke. A blocked filter will circulate those nasty particulates back into your home and can cause you and your family all kinds of possible health problems; headaches, fatigue, cold-like symptoms that seem to last forever and even chronic allergies. Add having pets to the family dynamic and the clogged filter will make the air quality even worse. Not Good!

If the filter is dirty, it can actually make your living space smell stale and musty. If the airflow is weak from being clogged, it will prevent the circulation of clean air throughout the home and the bad or strong odors from cooking and/or other activities will permeate the air longer. Sometimes these bad smells and debris will even embed themselves in the walls and flooring of your home. Also, not good!

By changing filters on a regular basis — I do recommend every month — I have eliminated a lot of the additional dust, debris and odors that seem to collect so readily on the furniture, walls and flooring of my home and thus my living space feels cleaner.

Please note: I am not affiliated with any HVAC Company. Filters can be purchased at any Big Box Store, Local Hardware Store or on-line