Both my mother and my grandmother are old school individuals and I can remember always hearing the following; “If it isn’t broken, why fix it?” 
The saying holds true today. Many of the cleaning supplies my mom and grandmother used were simple household materials. One that I always loved was the lemony scent in the kitchen.  Turns out it was nothing more than lemons cut into wedges and the beautiful lemon blossoms from the plant out in the backyard. 
The stove always had a small Revere-ware pot simmering gently and brimming over with lemons, or if lemons were not available, rosemary.  There was always a clean, refreshing smell and right from the yard.  No chemicals or hidden ingredients, just fresh lemons!  It works the same way today.
So what can you clean with lemons? Here’s a list of 10 common household areas and items that could use an all-natural lemon scrub.
  1. The microwave
  2. Your wooden cutting boards
  3. stains from butcher block countertops
  4. All your copper items
  5. The garbage disposal (throw them in, grind them up)
  6. Dishes
  7. Plastic containers
  8. Knives
  9. The blender (wash out hard water build up)
  10. So many other things: Create an all-purpose lemon cleaner to keep on cleaning.

(Note: If you need help with your cleaning during Covid-19 Aloha is always here to assist. Click here to contact us and we’ll respond in 24 hours or less.)